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ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ i have hte good s


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    “Listen, if you need absolutely anything,” advised Nikolai, “just call us over.”

    He had hovered over the teeny STE.V, his vest slightly dangling from his torso, moonlight shining past his head and into STE.V’s gaping eyes.

    And so, they drove off.

    STE.V was now alone, with the towering skyscraper just looming over them.

    The night was young, the moon gleaming its glorious beams upon STE.V’s pale coat. The Ginga building was made of mainly reinforced, strong glass. It glared with its sheen, like shadows in the dark, just waiting to suffocate the poor thing. The colossal stature imposed fear into STE.V’s tiny heart, fear as stabbing as a thousand arrows impaling the chest.

    Breaking the feeling, STE.V threw away all sense and dashed onward, through the glass doors, and into the elevator, jumping up and head-butting the button to take them to the skies.

    And it was there that they cowered into a corner, a dark, dusty corner.

    Once arrived, a “ping!” sounded to only further illustrate that their destination had been reached.

    The twentieth floor, this was their home for nineteen years.

    STE.V carefully dragged their paws down the hallway, rooms with subjects stared as they passed, distant screaming only daunting the teeny thing.

    It was now that STE.V reaches the end of the hallway, with a large, tall door sitting blankly in front. Next to door, there is a label, a name.

    “Room 20-07, Dr. Lead, Head Bio-Engineer, Ginga Sciences”.

    The door wasn’t even fully closed, into which STE.V stole a gaze into.

    There was the sound of distinct humming of a familiar tune, they knew it quite well.

    STE.V clutched the side of the door the best they could, and it creaked open with an ever-familiar squeak. They anxiously marched forward, assuming perhaps someone is in here—

    Perhaps the person they are looking for.

    STE.V sits down on the floor, wrapping their sharp tail around their very small legs.

    The chair turns around calmly and silently, revealing a violet cat person, with blue stripes.

    Their purely purple eyes open to look upon STE.V, who only stares back at who they’d expect it to be—

    Their creator, Dr. Lead, or “Pb”.

    After a moment of silence, they rise from their chair, departing from behind the desk.

    “You came back.”

    It was only now that STE.V could see Pb’s arm.

    It was heavily lacerated, and the skin underneath was rendered a sickly green and charcoal.

    They were infected, and it was spreading.

    Their orchid eyes weren’t the same as they were back then, they seem to swirl in delirium. STE.V recoiled in horror.


    “STE.V. You came back to me…”

    A smile crept upon the bio-engineer’s face.

    “I’m angry.”

    “STE.V, you’re still upset? The argument was eons ago. Now come, give your father a hug.”


    STE.V growled, defiantly.

    Dr. Lead’s eyelids fluttered open on astonishment.


    Pb backed into their desk, as they weakened under the disease.

    “Is it because I got infected? Why are you still mad at me? Must you be so cruel before I die?

    Make an enemy of your father, must you?”

    They coughed and hacked about, their mind was growing to be as virus-ridden as their body as well.

    STE.V shook and soon thrashed in anger.

    “You made me…”

    “Won’t you let it go?!”

    “No! I won’t!”

    STE.V’s body was becoming littered with pick here and there.

    “STE.V! Don’t you dare!”

    The tiny cat’s body completely morphed into a centaurian feline. Their fur was now fully pink, their four slits on their neck and tail turning white and glowing in the dim room.

    “Look at me, Pb!” cried STE.V

    STE.V had now revealed their true form, a “.cbec”. It would correct to refer to them as “STE.V.cbec”.

    Their eyes were still gaping, but the pupils had become very small instead of being dilated.

    STE.V now matched heights with the rather tall Dr. Lead.

    “Look at me! You did this!”

    “I…didn’t mean to.”

    Dr. Lead crossed their arms, and looked down. But it wasn’t long before the virus took back over.

    Dr. Lead backed into the desk once more, clutching at their head.

    “You’re putting stress on me that shouldn’t be there!”

    “You didn’t mean to do this?! How!”

    “It was a mistake!”

    “I was a mistake! What a surprise!”

    “No, you…you are everything to me, STE.V. It was an honest mistake, I swear.”

    STE.V hesitated, covering their eyes with their hands, then whipping them away, to take to the sides of their torso.

    “Stop making me emotional!”

    “STE.V, this isn’t who you are. This isn’t who you’re meant to be. Come back to me.”

    STE.V’s centaurian body started to crack, and break, then downright shatter into many glassy pieces on the floor, to reveal the regular, white, tiny, bug-eyed STE.V.

    They collapsed on the floor, sobbing.

    “Angry! I’m angry!”

    Dr. Lead staggered over to their creation, their child, and embraced them once more.

    “STE.V, I’ve missed you for 19 years, we just got off on a bad note.”

    “I’ve missed you.”

    “What say you and I get a new start?”

    “Have friends. You can meet friends. Outside.”

    “Yes,” Pb replied weakly, picking up STE.V, “that’d be…wonderful.

    A new start, it is.”



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